Test your Sound Device

Test your sound device


A properly working sound device is essential to run Adrian. The pre-installed image needs a plugged in USB sound card. Once you plugged the sound card in the Raspberry Pi should recognise it as a sound device. The raspberry pi has an integrated on-board sound device which is disabled so you won’t find it in Alsamixer.

You can check your sound device using Alsamixer. Just run the below on the command line:


Alsamixer is a built in program where you can see the installed sound devices and you can also set the sound levels. If your Pi can recognise your sound device then it should look like this on your screen:


Sound levels

Let’s set up the speaker and microphone level. You can use the arrow / tab buttons to set the speaker level to around 20 (optional but minimum 10) and set the microphone level at around 90.

Test Playing and Recording

We have to test the recording first. The command below tries to record 5 seconds from the microphone (after first going to your home directory). Run the command and say something like “test one two three four”.

cd ~
arecord -D plughw:1,0 -d 5 test.wav

The command creates a .wav sound file which can be played back with the command below. Before running the command make sure your speaker is plugged into your USB sound card!

play test.wav


If you can hear your recording when executing the play command then your sound device is ready for Adrian. If you don’t that might be because:

  1. The Pi can’t recognise your sound device
  2. The sound levels are not set properly
  3. the hardware parts (USB sound card, Microphone, Speaker) are not attached properly
    (see hardware requirement on the hardware install page)

More information is available on the linked page below: