How to use Adrian

How to use Adrian

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Start Adrian

Once your Raspberry Pi is up and running and you have set up all hardware you can start the application. Let’s go to the app folder and start Adrian with a simple command:

cd /home/pi/AdrianSmartAssistant


Talk to Adrian

It takes about 5-6 second til the Application starts all services and is ready. As you can see on the console its starts daemons and background processes. From this point it’s ready you to say “Adrian”. So say it.
If the application can understand you it will immediately respond saying “Yes”.
Once you hear “Yes” you can ask many different things.

Usage examples

What is the weather like today?
Why is the sky blue?
How old is the oldest person in the world?
How many calories are in an egg?
Set timer for 20 seconds
Set temperature to 22 degrees (needs Nest configuration, see Nest Module page )
Play Mick Jagger (needs Spotify configuration, see Spotify Module page )
Show me the Iron Man trailer on my TV (needs Chromecast configuration, see Chromecast Module page )

To see what else you can ask, browse the modules pages. The app comes with 6 built-in modules:

Core modules and some other modules need special configuration to work, for details see the Configuration page.


The Adrian team is adding more and more modules to the repository that you can easily get with an update (how to update link) in the near future. We made Adrain for the Raspberry Pi community and we are open to any suggestion or contribution to the project. If you think you can make it better or just want to add a new module, see the Create your module page.