Hardware Installation

Hardware Installation


This section tells you everything you need to know about what hardware elements are needed to prepare your Raspberry Pi to run Adrian.

Download the image file

We offer an out of the box Adrian image file which essentially a Raspbian Jessie Linux distribution with all the installed dependencies and libraries that Adrian needs. The Adrian application is also installed on the card.
You can download the image file here (link). After download you have to write the image onto a Micro SD card. (Not sure about the card ? See the card section below). If you are not sure how to write the image on the card you can follow the steps from the “WRITING AN IMAGE TO THE SD CARD” section on the link below:

Computer – Raspberry Pi

The Adrian app is built for the raspberry pi primarily, however the app could run on any computer. It has only been tested on the Raspberry Pi 2 and Raspberry pi 3 boards but if you do get Adrian running on another device we’d love to hear about it on the forum.

Micro SD card

The image file we offer for download is suitable for 32G size (1) micro SD card. We recommend a good quality SD card. If the card is low quality one, it can lead to data loss.

(1) We will reduce image file size and the required card size soon in next fee weeks. The image file can be written on most of the 16G cards but not all so the currently recommended size is 32Gbyte. The Raspberry Pi can’t handle bigger card size than 32Gbyte

USB sound card

Adrian needs a sound input and output device to speak and recognise voice but the integrated sound device doesn’t support microphone input and the output is also facing challenges so we need a USB sound card with jack input and output. The Raspberry Pi and Adrian work just fine with all generic USB sound cards but for assurance here is a link to all Raspberry Pi varified compatible sound cards:
Example :


Once you have got a USB sound card you’ll need a microphone with a jack adaptor. Again, generic ones will work but we recommend at least a medium quality one for better results.
Low cost microphone
Medium cost microphone
We are planning to develop a low cost microphone array with the help of the community to make available to everyone for use with Adrian as it would be the ideal solution.
For now these low cost microphones work pretty well.


For Adrian to talk and play music we need a speaker plugged into the USB sound card. You can use a simple generic speaker but the USB sound card output level is usually quite low so we recommend a powered speaker. Any cheap PC speaker with a jack header can work.
Example : http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/520-AAFU-Dell-AX210CR-Speakers-for-PC-1-2-Watt-Total-black-for-/322090736934?hash=item4afe1a9d26:g:C5gAAOSw3v5XI3eQ

Install the parts

The Micro SD card – with the image on – goes into the raspberry SD card socket. Plug the sound card into any USB socket on the Pi. Plug the microphone into the sound card microphone input socket and plug the speaker into the USB sound card output socket. Power up the speaker. You are done.


You you wish to use your raspberry pi with Wifi then you have to set it up.
For that please follow the instructions on the page below