Join & Contribute

How to Contribute

If you feel the power to contribute to the project, if you’ve found bug and you know how to fix it or if you have a great idea that can help make Adrian the best smart home assistant in the world then You should contribute to the project.


We think the open source community can make things better and make better things. This has happened in the past, happens now and will carry on happening. That’s why this project is open source. We would like as many programmers as possible to work on Adrian, making it the best and keeping it open source.

The Code

We use GitHub for version control and any code contribution can be done through that.
A full install tutorial with all dependencies/library install documentation is coming soon. Until then you can get access to a fully working version of Adrian using the downloadable Raspbian image

Our GitHub repository

How to contribute tutorial

If you are not a developer but you want to contribute you can donate to our project here: