Configure Adrian

How to configure

To start playing with Adrian the core modules need to be configured. There are three core modules:

  1. Google Speech to Text Service Module
  2. Ivona Text to Speech Module
  3. SnowBoy hotword file configuration (optional)

There are then three main commands to start, stop and update Adrian:

  1. Start Adrian
  2. Stop Adrian
  3. Update Adrian

All module configuration changes can be done in the constants.js file

Application location

First thing first. The application is located in the folder below

cd /home/pi/AdrianSmartAssistant

1. Configuring Google Speech to Text Service Module

All users need a Google Speech Service Account which can be obtained online. If you don’t have one yet get it from . Google Speech Service is free up to a certain monthly limit.

Once you have registered you will be issued a: – project_id – google application credential file

The google application credential file can be downloaded at Once you have your google application credentials file copy it to the ‘/Library/googleSpeech/Account/’ folder. Then Change the constants.js file replacing the values starting with ‘YOUR_’ below:

define("GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS", __dirname  + "/Library/googleSpeech/Account/YOUR_PROJECT_FILE_NAME_COMES_HERE")

Detailed steps about how to register to set up Google Speech on the link below
Configuring Google Speech

2. Configuring Ivona Text to Speech Module

All users also need an Ivona account. If you dont have one get it at It is a very easy process, just pick the free plan option and register. Once you have your Ivona credentials change the constants.js repacling the values starting with ‘YOUR_’ below:


3. SnowBoy hotword file configuration

The great Snowboy offline hotword recognition gives Adrian the ability to recognize and wake up when you say the name Adrian. Every persons pronunciation is different but Adrian must recognize all of us. For this Adrian needs a good configuration. The configuration is an audio module file created by snoboy. if Adrian is not able to recognize you when you say Adrian then you need to record your voice on the showboy website. The whole process takes about 3 minutes but gives almost 100% recognition rate.

Go to the dashboard and search for “Adrian”. Set up your personal model with the microphone icon. Follow the steps and download the output file and replace the file below with the new file. Keep the name of the file.


4. Start Adrian

cd ~/AdrianSmartAssistant

5. Stop Appilication

The application can be stopped any time pressing CTRL+C . To then clear memory & kill all depedencies the below command can be run:

cd ~/AdrianSmartAssistant

6. Update Adrian

in the AdrianSmartAssistant folder execute the below command. Before execution commit all of your local changes.

cd ~/AdrianSmartAssistant